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2014 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Join us on October 12, 2014

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2014 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Joining the team is simple

If you have already registered for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon you can Sign up for Team World Vision by clicking Join Now on this page. Our charity access to late entries into the Chicago Marathon has expired so if you are not already registered please consider running one of our other fall races.

Next, kick off your fundraising by donating to yourself. $50 = Clean water for 1 person.

Last, order your jersey , find a Saturday group run near you, and look out for our weekly training & fundraising emails once training begins!

Team World Vision runs for clean water & fullness of life for children in Africa.

In Africa they say, “Water is Life”. About 768 million people in the world lack access to safe drinking water. Children and women often walk five to ten miles a day to gather water that isn’t even safe to drink; water that can make them sick. More children die from diseases caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation than almost any other cause - more than AIDS and malaria combined.

Team World Vision empowers people to experience radical life transformation through endurance races, community advocacy, and social giving for the sake of clean water in Africa. World Vision activates partnerships and community engagement to bring clean water to people around the world - helping create fullness of life for children in need.

Run for Water. Run for Life.


Track and share your journey. Use the hashtag #teamworldvision on social media during the season.


Thanks for choosing to run for children in Africa!
We are grateful for your patience as we step into the first ever lottery.

**In the "Guaranteed Entry" registration process the Chicago Marathon, it will say that you have to raise at least $1,000 for a charity and at least $1,500 for those who use "Late Entries".  That verbiage is there to protect our guaranteed entries from those who are not on Team World Vision.  Everyone on our team is going for at least $1,310 anyway (water for 1 person per mile). Cost for guaranteed charity spots and lottery registration are the same price, at $185. 



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